If there was a band that changed the sound, goings on, and trend of Malaysian popular music, Hujan would be it. The year was 2006 and the Malaysian music industry was struggling with the decrease of music sales, suffering from uninspired manufactured sounds and a growing disconnection with its market. While the industry was trying to figure out what the next step would be, Noh (vocals/guitar), AG COCO (lead guitar), Dimas (keyboard), Izzat (bass) and Ambobzeela (drums) were doing everything the way it should and used to be– writing straightforward pop tunes, hitting the road on a regular basis and utilizing the rise of social media. Okay, social media was definitely not part of the drill before, but moving along with the times, the boys were fully aware that being an unknown small band, it was the only way for them to connect with the grassroots, and they were among the first to do so, here in Malaysia.