Andy Jenkins
Andy Jenkins was born in Sevilla, Spain, to a spanish mother and an American father. He grew up skateboarding, racing BMX, riding dirt bikes and drawing in rural Wyoming - dreming of Southern California. By 19 he made his way to Los Angeles. Once there, he spent the early years of his career working on magazines(from BMX Action, Fresstylin' and Homeboy, to Transworld Skateboarding, Dirt and Grand Royal) as a writer, managing editor, illustrator, art director and publisher. In 1993, Jenkins became the founding art director for the newly christened Girl Skateboard Company, where he helped forge the acclaimed brand and launch the highly admired, Art Dump collective. Currently he works as Global Art Director for Element Skateboards. His personal work has made its way into exhibitions across the clobe (including Japan, England, Australia, Holland, Mexico and Paris) and has been featured in several books and magazines internationally.