Singapore Musician
Akeem Jahat is a Rapper/Songwriter/Producer who is known for his raw and streetwise works in the mixtapecircuit. His highly acclaimed release in 2014, SeluDOPE mixtape has predominantly steered the course of what the region's rap movement is going to be. Known for his clever wordplay, unapologetic cold cut lyricism verses, fearless delivery and vivid storytelling, just to name a few, Akeem Jahat is consideredto be one this generation's most dangerous MC. Akeem Jahat has proven to be able to handle his own composure, or be it pressure, even when being put alongside rap giants, in notably, GO DO THAT by Sonaone, featuring Akeem Jahatand, Malaysia's Rap OG, Joe Flizzow. His songs are constantly echoing on the airwaves and the speakers of the street corners alike, as much as his name does, and has made him a household name wherever he brings his music to.